The idea was born on a cold winter evening in Belgrade in 2008. Gustav, one of the friends with whom we often hung out during our previous stay in Belgrade (2002/2005), jokingly said to us that evening: "… .. and why wouldn't you open an Italian restaurant in Belgrade ?!"

And so, in the distant but at the same time close to Forlì - the city where I was born and where I lived for 40 years - together with my wife Alma and our two daughters Mia and Emma, we began to seriously think about the idea proposed by our friend "G"!

We liked the idea! After years of thinking and thinking about whether to embark on something like that or not, in the end we decided to move from Forlì to Belgrade and start this new adventure!

The name "Eatalian" is formed by merging two words: "EAT" which in English means "eat" and "ITALIAN", which means "Italian". In a word: Eat the Italian way! The goal we have set for ourselves is to offer Belgraders quality and 100% Italian products, primarily at affordable prices.

At the same time, we want to offer you a story about how these products were created, who are the people and production houses that are woven into their history and thanks to which Italian cuisine is among the most appreciated in the world.

With our efforts and with the help of our local and Italian associates, we strive every day to offer you Belgraders a typical Italian atmosphere of enjoying the table and great Mediterranean cuisine, which are the fruit of culture and enogastronomic tradition of our country: Italy!